Home Extensions

Effective use of space can make any area of land into a beautiful, spacious house for your family. It is not necessary that you buy a new piece of land for every new addition in the family and for every new renovation.

You can simply add extensions to your existing house and completely transform its look, space and design. Choose Prime Innovation extension builders Baysideextension builders Frankston, extension builders Mordialloc and extension builders Clayton offers the ultimate revamp experience for your Melbourne house.

When you come to Prime Innovation for building extensions for your house, our architectural design team creates the perfect design for the new extension. They ask you about your specific requirements; they take a look at your house and the space it offers and designs the ultimate blueprint for your house extension.

Once the design phase is done and gained your approval, our skilled craftsmen get to work. They work under strict quality measures to ensure that no mistake is made and all work is done professionally and results are delivered on time.

You can get a number of extensions built to your house including:

Extension Builders Bayside, Frankston, Mordialloc & Clayton

Building extensions is no easy feat. This is why we suggest you hire licensed professionals like us at Prime Innovation to trust your house. We guarantee that not only will we recreate your dream into reality but that we will do it with perfection. After all, work is done t your satisfaction, our team will perform a proper post-work clean-up.

If you need an innovative touch to your old house or need a practical room added to the already congested place, give us a call at 03 9580 4443. Our Prime Innovation extension builders Bayside, extension builders Frankston, extension builders Mordialloc and extension builders Clayton will restyle your home in no time. You can also get consultations from our expert designers if you are unable to decide what to get done.

If you wish to contact us online email us at info@primeinnovation.com.au or fill out the contact form here. You can also contact us via fax at 03 9580 4493 or at the mobile number of our team member Trent 0412 818 616.

We look forward to turning your dream house into reality!

House Extensions Melbourne

We have been serving Melbourne for years and our remarkable service is a reflection of our quality work and devoted work ethic that you can find after looking at our home extension works in CaulfieldPrahranElwoodToorak, and South Yarra. Our workforce comprises experienced engineers, architects, computer technicians, builders, architects, and interior designers who have been with us for several years and understand our policy regarding uncompromised customer satisfaction. We believe that a home is a lifetime investment and to extend it is probably an important decision that should be taken well informed.

There are 2 types of home extensions.

For each type of house extension in Melbourne, planning is necessary as well as input from your side. We have divided this home extension into a 2-step process.

Designing an Extension

We try to understand your requirements and turn those into a computer-generated 3D model to identify its structural feasibility. It also gives you an idea of how your home extension in Elwood or house extension in Melbourne will turn out. After a design has been agreed upon, we sketch out the floor plans so that we can proceed on to the next step of home extension.

Building an Extension

Building a house extension in Melbourne involves a lot of planning as well as permits along with sight inspections. Project management is necessary so that all scheduled work is completed on time with time lags minimized and any problems that arise during the extension project are solved beforehand.

Home Extensions Caulfield, South Yarra, Toorak, Elwood & Melbourne

A house extension can either be very costly or affordable depending on some factors like

We guarantee fixed price on our bathroom renovations in Toorak, South Yarra, Prahran, Melbourne and other suburbs of Melbourne however, the costs might change if you plan to revise your old decision once the build starts.

An example of what might be changed, replaced or completely bought new includes: